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Student Advisory Board

Our mission is to craft a community of students, faculty, and local residents, all deeply engaged with the arts and humanities. We celebrate the intrinsic value of studying language, literature, history, philosophy, the environment, and the creative arts.

Each of our Student Advisory Board members is a passionate environmentalist, a hard-working student, and an innovative and creative thinker. SAB members run EH workshops, attend EH courses, meet regularly to discuss the environment and the humanities at Colby, and produce our environmental humanities literary and art magazine, FAUNA.

Rory Hallowell ’24
Student Chair

Religious Studies and American Studies Major and WGSS minor

Anya Babb-Brott ‘25

Literature and the Environment major and WGSS minor

Sophie Shanae Gould Dulabaum ‘26

Sara Holden ‘26

Kate Jaffee ‘25

Environmental Science major and Creative Writing minor

Eden Mayer ’25

Biology Major and Art Minor
"The Humanities relate to all of us. I think the humanities have always been important to me, and important to most Colby students."
Leah Breen


Environmental Humanities Literary and Art Magazine

Dedicated to celebrating environmentally themed poetry, essays, and artworks by Colby students, FAUNA is curated and edited by the Environmental Humanities Student Advisory Board of the Colby Center for the Arts and Humanities, with Program Coordinator Portia Hardy serving as the Staff Editor.


The fourth edition of FAUNA was published in Spring 2022, and features extraordinary art and writing by both Colby students and staff. The magazine begins with the land, contemplating the landscapes that shape us, and their complex and often traumatic histories, before moving on to a celebration of metamorphosis, rebirth, and the shifting seasons. The focus then turns from the land to the sea, as we dive below the waves to appreciate underwater flora and fauna; learning about their intricate beauty but also the manifold dangers which threaten them.

To see for yourself, please read the fourth edition here


The third edition of FAUNA was published in Spring 2021, and features a seasonally themed layout, with artwork and writing moving from autumn forests, to winter snows, to spring flowers, to summer seas. Content includes beautiful prints, vibrant photographs, informative essays, thoughtful poems, and more. 

You can read the third edition here

The second edition of FAUNA was published in Spring 2020, and included not only poems, essays, photographs, drawings, and paintings by students, but also a poem and a comic from two professors who participated in the inaugural Colby Summer Institute. 

Please read the second edition here. 

The first edition of FAUNA was published in Spring 2019 and was a great success, including exquisite and insightful works by students. Copies were even distributed to the scholars who came from across the world to participate in the inaugural Colby Summer Institute in Environmental Humanities, a week of lectures, workshops, and field trips which took place in August 2019.

You can read the first edition here. 


We strongly encourage you to submit your environmentally-themed photographs, paintings, drawings, etchings, short stories, poems, and articles to the upcoming fourth edition of FAUNA. No pieces of writing longer than two pages in size 12 font, please. Photos must be high quality, at least 101 pixels per inch. All submissions are due by April 15th, 2022. Please email your submissions to the Environmental Humanities Program Coordinator, Portia Hardy, at [email protected]


The idea of creating an environmental humanities magazine, devoted to Colby student art and writing, was first devised by the 2019 Environmental Student Advisory Board (SAB), along with previous Program Coordinator Ayla Fudala. We wanted a way to showcase and share the artistic accomplishments of students, and spread the environmental humanities (EH) message across campus. As EH is a relatively new field, many students hadn’t even heard of it before. FAUNA highlights this groundbreaking field, motivates students to take EH courses,  and inspires and celebrates environmentally themed creative work.

The SAB tried out several names before settling on “Charismatic Megafauna”, a term often used in the fantastic classes taught by former Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Environmental Humanities, now Assistant Professor of English Christopher Walker, from which many of the SAB members were recruited. We decided to shorten the name, and FAUNA was born. 

We look forward to continuing to produce new editions of FAUNA, with the mission of displaying excellent student work and spreading the message of the Environmental Humanities across the Colby campus and beyond. If you are a Colby student and have any environmentally themed art or writing, or if you’re interested in helping to run the magazine as part of the Student Advisory Board, please email Portia Hardy at [email protected]

Gallery of FAUNA Artwork