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Research Grants

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What are you curious to learn and explore? Make the most of your intellect, energy, and creativity by applying for a student grant from the Center for the Arts and Humanities. Whether you've got a big idea is in its early stages, a fully formed research project, or an exciting collaboration with a Colby faculty member, the Center is looking to support you!

Act on that
Big Idea

The Big Ideas grants are small student grants of up to $500 to pursue a project, idea, or event related to your creative and intellectual pursuits in the humanities and humanistic disciplines. We want to fund your big and bright ideas—from consideration of a philosophical query, purchasing materials to create something new and exciting, or drafting up your work for public display and reception. Examples of things that the grants can fund: a stipend to give you time and space to breathe, think, and create; a small fund to purchase more books on a subject you’re interested in and looking to read more about; a source of funding to attend workshops or conferences. Applications are accepted year-round.

Bring your Research to Life

Twice a year, the Center for the Arts and Humanities invites proposals from Colby students for funding of original research projects in the humanities or humanistic disciplines. In the event that there are insufficient funds to support all proposals, preference is given to students majoring or minoring in the humanities or humanistic disciplines. Grants will be funded up to $3,000. Funds may be allocated to cover any legitimate research expenses including but not limited to the purchase of research materials, travel, food, and lodging expenses associated with data gathering. Stipends are not covered under this program. Applications are due in October (for Spring and JanPlan projects) and in March (for summer and Fall projects).

Get on a

Team Grants offer third- or fourth-year students the opportunity to participate in high-level scholarly research with at least one faculty partner. Unlike research assistantships or independent study projects, these student-faculty collaborative grants envision an equal pairing between partners to produce a project of significant scholarly experience. Students and faculty will both be paid for their time and cost of materials. Projects will be considered from all departments or programs in the humanities division, as well as in humanistic disciplines. Calls for Team Grants are made in the Fall semester.



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“The research grant I received not only helped me to complete my thesis, but still, to this day, impacts my career and personal life.”

Amber Ramirez
Feminicidios in Cd. Juarez: Oblivion in the Mist of Shadows Mexico

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