Faculty Portal


Course Development Grants

Apply for course development grants to develop courses for the Annual Theme, Humanities Labs, or the Environmental Humanities Initiative.

Application details and deadline: Calls for course development grants go out to faculty in December, generally with a submission deadline in late February.

Event Course Enrichment

Event and Course Enrichment

Fund Events and course enrichment funds are available for a range of requests, including field trip expenses, bringing in visiting speakers, funding film screenings, and other miscellaneous costs.

Conference and Symposium Development Grant

Development Grant The Center offers limited funding to support humanities-based conferences at Colby, as well as some logistical support. Interested faculty should email Director Dean Allbritton at [email protected].

Public Humanities Inquiry Labs (PHILs)

Colby faculty can apply for research support from the Margaret T. McFadden Fund for Humanistic Inquiry. The result of a $1-million gift from Trustee Anne Clarke Wolff ’87 and Benjamin “Ted” E. Wolff III ’86, this fund will support both individual projects and Public Humanities Inquiry Labs (PHILs). A PHIL is a three-year faculty-led collaborative research incubator. The first PHIL will focus on medical humanities.

Additional funds for research and more will be made available on a yearly basis from the McFadden Fund for Humanistic Inquiry.

Humanities Division Funding

Further support for faculty research can be found through the Humanities Division in the form of an annual book fund and research grants. These funds are distributed yearly, with deadlines for the book fund early in the fall and for research grants, early in the spring semester.