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Ghetto Gastro Colby Takeover

September 28 | Colby College | All day

Ghetto Gastro’s all-day takeover will engage students through a class visit, a panel discussion, and a campus-wide dining “takeover,” inspired by recipes from their Black Power Kitchen cookbook to generate dialogue and community excitement about how food connects us all.


Cinema In Conversation: PLAY!

October 1 | Maine Film Center | 2:00pm

Join us for a FREE screening of Jumanji, part of our series Cinema in Conversation: PLAY!, sponsored by the Colby Center for the Arts and Humanities. Jumanji, one of the most unique–and dangerous–board games ever, falls into the hands of the curious teen, Alan Parrish, in 1969.


PLAY! Seminar: Michael-Corey F. Hinton, 'The Creator’s Game: The Indigenous Roots of the Game called “Lacrosse”

October 2 | Ostrove Auditorium| 7:00pm

In collaboration with the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Colby Athletics, join Corey Hinton as he discusses the history of the Creator’s Game and how its traditions and values impact indigenous and non-indigenous communities today.




‘Play’ is a term that spans a gamut of endeavors in the liberal arts without resolving the tensions. Bounding and bouncing across diverse histories and geographies, play connects action and rest, pleasure and exhaustion, young and old, human and nonhuman, and intellect and whimsy. This two-year theme (23-24 and 24-25) invites the campus and its community partners to explore, embody, and enact the complications of the theme. Engaging playful paradoxes as well as the inequalities that surround the theme, we ask: Is it work to intellectualize play? How and when is playing around seen as a subversive and even dangerous act? Who gets to play, and who doesn’t? Play, as practice and concept, challenges the demands of intellectual rigor, offering possibilities for haptic engagement, queer curiosities, happenings and actions, and fun.

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The Colby Summer Institute in Environmental Humanities

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Colby Summer Institute in Environmental Humanities! If you are an academic, artist, activist, or independent scholar with a passion for the Environmental Humanities, we invite you to join us in beautiful Maine from July 28-August 4, 2024, for a week of seminars, lectures, workshops, field trips, and other events.